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After confirming your search request by email, you will be contacted if a hotel owner has a room.

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Available last minute rooms. Hotel owners post their available rooms here. Contact them directly and book your room.

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What we do for tourists

Free of registration searching

When you need a room you can post your request whitout registration. Just fill in your request and approve by email. Sit back and wait for hotelowners to respond.

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We provide creative solutions!

We all want a near 100% occupancy rate and low costs but how can we achieve that?

Register today and create your own Hotel or B&B profile

Create a stunning profile to attract tourist to your Hotel, Pension, B & B or Guesthouse.  Get automated messages when a tourist searches a room or post your last minute rooms.

Post your last minute rooms

Create a profile  and post your last minute rooms so tourist can respond and contact you directly to make a reservation.

Low costs make a profitable businesscase

We offer hotelowners a annual subscibtion of just….. Directly made bookings and much lower costst than other booking providers.


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I arrived without reservation and saw the billboard with Find My Room. In just a few seconds i posted my request and several minutes later i had room! Its amazing!

Joanna Deer


I never managed to get my last minute rooms filled. Now i just post my room and sit back and wait for the response.

It is easy and fast .
Bart Koper

Hotel aan Zee

We often felt that we were paying too much commision for our reservations. Now our profit has improved and we have complete control. This is the new way of doing business for us.

John Doe

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